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Serving Stillwater, Lake Elmo, and Oak Park Heights, MN

Quality Lawn Mowing Process

Why do we offer weekly lawn mowing? Simple, to maintain a healthy lawn. Cutting the lawn is important, that is not a question. There is more to lawn mowing than simply cutting the grass.

For instance, knowing the correct height to set the mower deck. The right time (climatic conditions) is crucial for your turf’s overall success throughout the summer. Below are suggested heights we put into action during the growing season:



Lawn Mowing Height

  • Spring – 2.50″-2.75″ cut is normal when the season begins
  • Summer 3.0″-3.5″ cut is required to prevent disease to your turf
  • Fall – 2.0″ – 2.5″ cut to prepare your grass for dormancy




We use gas trimmers (weed whacker) to trim the outer edges of your property. Trimming around stationery items along with all of the areas our lawn mowers cannot get to.

Leaving a manicured look is our primary objective when seeking the curb appeal you hired us for.






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Our Commitment

Quality Cut Lawn and Snow is committed to providing the very best lawn care and snow plowing service possible. We look forward to showing our customers that we do care about your property.

Our primary goal is to develop a long-lasting relationship that provides a service value like none other. Using only the best equipment and products, will convince you that we will not leave you unsatisfied.


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