Lawn Care Stillwater MN

Performing lawn mowing for residential customers that are interested in lawn care Stillwater MN. Make us your first call so we can provide you with the best looking lawn in your neighborhood.

Other companies will come to your property and not give the lawn care service you intended. Your turf needs a certin attention to detail if an overall healthy lawn is desired. We have well trained lawn care technicians that care about a job well done.

Weekly Lawn Care Stillwater, MN

Fall Leaf Clean Up

Performing a leaf clean up during Autumn will benefit your turf when Spring arrives. Removing the leaf & dead grass debris will increase the overall health of your turf. Preparing your lawn for dormancy cannot be overlooked.

Spring Clean Up

Hopefully you prepared your lawn for an easy cleanup in the fall. If you did not, that is okay. Our commercial lawn mowers will be well equipped with power-rakes and vacuuming systems. We only use our power-rake during the Spring to remove thatch and snow mold.

Lawn Care Stillwater MN

Core Aeration

We also provide core aeration for residential properties inquiring about lawn care Stillwater, MN. Performing a core aeration every growing season will help relieve compacted soil. If your lawn has more than its fair share of foot traffic and lawn mowing, we highly recommend this service.

If you have a scheduled fertilization program or are planning to over-seed your lawn, this is the best first step to achieve a healthy lawn. Core aerating will also open up the soil allowing important nutrients to reach the grass root zones. Nutrients such as: Water, fertilizer and grass seed.

Lawn Care Stillwater, MN Core Aeration


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